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Live life free of glasses and contact lenses.

Imagine waking up in the morning and not reaching to your nightstand for your glasses before you do anything else. Imagine relaxing in the evening reading, without pushing glasses up on your nose. Imagine enjoying swimming, a hike or a bike ride without worrying if dust, wind or heat will dry your contacts and make your eyes miserable. If you’re tired of dealing with the hassle of contacts or glasses every… single… day… it’s time for laser vision correction. Hayden LASIK allows you to enjoy clear, comfortable, effortless vision.

At Hayden Vision, it is our mission to make your dreams of renewed vision a reality, using the most advanced technology available. LASIK has been performed for over 30 years, and both excimer and femtosecond laser technologies are fully proven and perfected.  We utilize the Intralase femtosecond laser and the Wavelight Eye-Q excimer laser for the safest, most accurate LASIK results possible.

LASIK technology has been perfected, and there is no need to wait for further improvements. Let this be your year for LASIK.

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What is All-Laser LASIK?

Bladeless or “all-laser” LASIK means both Step #1 and Step #2 of LASIK will be performed with specialized ophthalmic lasers.  When LASIK was first introduced, Step #1 was performed with a microkeratome, a bladed, hand-held instrument.   Step #1 of LASIK is critical, since this is when the protective LASIK flap is created.  Femtosecond lasers were introduced in 2008, and improved the accuracy and safety of LASIK flap creation.  At Hayden Vision we use the IntraLase™ femtosecond laser. The IntraLase uses infrared technology to gently separate the collagen bonds of the cornea.  We liken it to Velcro separating, then re-integrating, without cutting.

This femtosecond laser gives us the ability to vary flap thickness and location, in a way that wasn’t possible with a microkeratome, personalizing the treatment uniquely to you.  Because of the extreme speed and precision of femtosecond technology, the flap can be made without irritation to the delicate surrounding areas of the eye. After flap creation, Dr. Hayden will use the ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q, considered one of the fastest and most precise lasers in the industry, to sculpt your prescription onto your cornea.

Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Excimer Technology

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q  excimer laser is used for Step #2 of LASIK.  This is how your cornea is reshaped so that you no longer need glasses or contacts to see well.  This laser is unique because it uses a wavefront-optimized treatment algorithm.  That’s a mouthful, but what does it mean?  The Alegretto Wave excimer laser reshapes your cornea, effectively sculpting your prescription onto your eye.  Ensuring this treatment is smooth, leaving no ridges or valleys in the corneal center, or more importantly along the edges, is critical so that you have a smooth surface through which light travels to provide great vision in bright sunlight, and during dark nights.  Wavefront-optimized technology has been proven to provide the most accurate treatment, reducing issues seen with earlier technologies with night vision, glare or halos afterwards.

Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Excimer Laser at Hayden Vision in Evansville, IN

Why is ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q the best choice for your LASIK?

Ultimate Precision and Control. Allegretto Wave technology considers your unique corneal curvature to implement precise laser spot application with the highest standards of safety and accuracy. The laser constantly checks the eye’s position – more than 400 times per second – to gauge the slightest movements and guarantee the laser is accurately calibrated to the dimensions of your eye.

Unmatched Speed and Power. With more than 400 pulses per second, the laser measures every tiny movement of the eye and rapidly adjusts to conform to each change. This tremendous speed ensures a depth of accuracy never before seen in other LASIK laser procedures. Remarkable energy controls calibrate the laser’s strength to perfectly match the eye, ensuring the most accurate treatment available.

Clarity Without Worry. With Allegretto Wave technology, the speed and precision of the laser measures the peripheral edges of the cornea to more closely preserve and protect its original shape and contour. This provides a higher degree of optical clarity and eliminates the unwanted side effects commonly associated with older laser technologies. In these older lasers, the area of correction or “optical zone” was limited to the front center of the cornea, leaving a sharp edge that caused irritating side effects such as halos, glare and reduced night vision function. The Allegretto Wave, however, uses 400 pulses per second to more accurately measure the corneal contours in order to maximize the area of correction with a smoother peripheral edge, greatly reducing the risk of any side effects.

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q is FDA-approved and provided the following results in clinical trail:

  • More than 93% of patients reported they saw as well or better than they had with glasses or contacts;
  • Nearly 60% of near-sighted patients achieved better than 20/20 vision;
  • Both near- and farsighted patients showed improved reactions to bright lights and night driving glare, while nearsighted individuals also reported an improvement in light sensitivity.

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Make This Your Year For LASIK!

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Make This Your Year For LASIK!