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Gregory Hayden MD established Hayden Vision in 2003 as Evansville’s specialty cataract and laser vision correction center, combining the amazing advances in vision technology with compassion and medical professionalism to the tri-state area. Joined by James Stearns, MD, Emily Ryan, OD and C. Mark Millsap, MD, Hayden Vision offers complete ophthalmology and optometry care.  We’ll help free you from contacts and glasses through precision LASIK when you’re ready, ensure your eye health is optimized with annual wellness care, and provide unparalleled surgical expertise for cataracts, advanced lens implants, glaucoma and retinal issues as you, and your eyes, age. It is our commitment to preserve and protect your vision, at every life stage.

Dr. Hayden is a member of the prestigious American Refractive Surgery Council, an organization committed to excellence in refractive surgery.  Only approximately 150 surgeons worldwide are invited into this organization, which supports only scientifically-proven technology and unbiased communication of patient benefits.  Too often, elective medical procedures are over-hyped, and prospective patients received too little education about options and outcomes.  Dr. Hayden and his team ensure we understand your lifestyle, appropriately match you to procedure options, and educate you about outcomes and risks.  Hayden Vision is built on collaboration, a hallmark of the best refractive surgery practices worldwide.

Eye Surgery Specialist

LASIK, Cataract and Lens Replacement Surgery

Advanced Lens Implants

Advanced All-Laser Treatment


We specialize in surgical vision correction, offering all-laser LASIK, and advanced lens implants restoring fuller range vision when cataracts impede your vision and enjoyment of activities.  Dr. Hayden provides personalized care, collaborative consultations, advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, and unparalleled surgical outcomes.

Skilled Doctors

Expert team, skillfully trained to care for your vision.

Medical Director & Surgeon

Medical Ophthalmologist

Board Certified Optometrist

Retina Specialist

When you choose Hayden Vision for vision correction, you will be cared for by a team of highly-trained, board-certified, surgeons, optometrists and medical staff.  In most cases, we’re helping you decide on vision choices that will be with you for the rest of your life, so we’re committed to maximizing that vision. Each member of our team was selected to serve you based on their specialized educational credentials and extensive experience in LASIK, cataract and refractive procedures. Rest assured, you are in skilled hands.

Amazing Reviews

See what our patients have to say.

  • Dr. Hayden is very thorough and takes the time to explain the procedure both beforehand and after. You can tell he takes pride in the responsibility of the well being of your vision and is the best at what he does! He and his staff are exceptionally professional and friendly. -Ben S.
    Ben S. Routine Care
  • Dr. Hayden did cataract surgery for me last year and the results were nothing but amazing! I highly recommend Dr. Hayden and his staff.
    Jonathan P. Cataracts
  • My vision after LASIK with Dr. Hayden is better than 20/20!
    Mel H. LASIK